Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The long awaiting....is here! XD

After months of planning....sketching....directing....and brainstorming............finally Student Council is going "Electronic"! wuuuhuuu! Time for a celebration?.....slow down your horses!!

Actually it's just the beginning of a challenging project!

But for now, you can start joining, obtain information and also keep in touch with us! Anytime, anywhere as long as you join us!So what are you waiting for? Start following our blog now to catch up our latest updates, news and wait for more invitations!

So here's the promo video....okay...I know It's very slow....but it is worth the wait =)

This blog will serve as the main site for all network links, therefore it may take time to build, so be patient ya? =)

Okies, time to move on, and don't forget to follow us!See you in the next post! =)